If you know Rhonda Byrne, then you will know about The Secrets which has sold about 20 million copies in 46 languages with a film which has the same name.

I do like the fact that this book has helped millions of people; however I am bothered by the way our world makes simple things seem so complex.

The secrets of the mind are not far from us but they have somehow been hidden. The reason is because we have made it look so. We have grown to a point where everything that happens around us is made to look complex which is why we have people who have somehow come to our aid to reveal the complex and make simple.

To unlock the secrets is to understand the way of our mind works in reality. Now I am not going into the psychology or mystic but will try and explain in a way that we all understand.

There are 3 basic elements of how we reason with our mind which are wisdom, understanding and knowledge and it is these three elements that affect our lives in this world. 



The problem people face with achieving their dreams is shown in the diagram above. A lot of us get wisdom everyday; we gain insights and ideas, some of which are crazy, others innovative and brilliant, out of this world but then what happens is that we seek knowledge.

When we seek knowledge we are tying to see if our insight is valid, if it can work and probably help a lot of people. There is nothing wrong with knowledge. Seeking knowledge is better than being ignorant. However the issue is that we don’t have an understanding of this idea or insight and because of this we seek the wrong knowledge.

An application of this is what I noticed with online marketers. When they try and sell their products, their story begins with using the products of other experts and being disappointed by the products. What happens is that these marketers initially don’t have a clear understanding of what they want and use a lot of products. However when they then have an understanding of what they want to solve, they create a product which works out and then sell to others.  

This is the reason so many companies even big ones sometimes fail. They start a business with a brilliant and innovative product with a knowledge of what the product can do to its users but they don’t have a clear understanding of its user’s problems; they might be successful at the start but they would eventually be over-run by a competition who knows its users better.



Having looked at the first diagram, this second one definitely looks like the first except if you look at it closely its rearranged. This is really the ideal way our mind should work. Unfortunately its been distorted by a lot of factors some of which include our tradition, education etc..

Let’s look at the second diagram with an example I saw in the bible (Proverb 24:3). As I said we get wisdom or insight everyday, so you get an insight to build a really nice house but wait! 
You just don’t want to build a house but you want this house to stay forever. It will be a waste of time if you build a house that will crumble in future; you get this understanding and then off you are to get knowledge around fulfilling your goal. So you consider its foundation, the material used and other factors that will make your house stay firm. Then you can begin to add a lot of possessions in your house when its built.
You can apply this to any area in your life.
Have fun unlocking the secrets of the mind.

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