Population growth rate world
Population growth rate world (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is our World out of Place?

The World is growing at a very fast rate. Some people say the reason is attributed to advancement in technology. However, technology is not merely the reason that our world is becoming uncomfortable. It’s the people in the world who can’t keep up with the rapid rate of growth.

It’s no news that Jobs are limited. Most menial jobs are being transformed into instructional machine codes. Most people will have to change careers more than 5 times to be comfortable. Professional skills are not enough to be effective in organisations. Skills such as creativity, innovation and business skills are the standard.

The way we communicate has taken a paradigm shift. People have their business meetings at home using super communication channel like the internet. Friendships are made online before physical contact occurs. Joint venture and partnerships are done by video conferencing.

Culture is being challenged in our world today. It’s either culture is being promoted or it’s replaced with a new one.

So how can you find your place in our world that is becoming out of place? I will love to hear your opinions, views and comments about the issue.

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