7 Things Bill Gates Knows About Problems
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The World will be a better place without problems. We would all be comfortable, get anything we want without stress and will be able to achieve our dreams without any obstacle.
Tell that to Bill Gates and he might either not take you serious or sit you down and show you some wisdom. Let’s look at some of the points:

Man was created alongside problems
Let that sink into your soul. As man existed so did problems. Man has always been faced with problems which he has had to solve. Everything you are using today started as a problem.

As a Christian, I understand that problems exist. When God was blessing man, he said that man would be fruitful but he also added that they would  subdue the earth. So how do you subdue the earth?

You don’t pray or wish problems away, you solve them

You can never progress by wishing; it’s by doing. Problems don’t just go away, they are solved. The World from the very beginning is looking for people that will provide solution. It’s the way the World evolves.

Problems make life fun

How many times have you beamed with admiration when you solve a problem that helps billions of people? There is satisfaction that comes when you overcome your challenges. Just imagine being in a world where there is no motivation; I can’t just think about it

Obstacles, challenges and problems make life worth living.

Problems are Gold mines for the Rich

There is a secret known by the Rich. This secret is that the rich don’t make money by consumption, they make money by solving PROBLEMS. So this rich elite are always on the look out for problems. During Economic downsides, that’s the jackpot for the rich. They create solutions during this period and make a lot of money (That’s odd)..

When Problems become challenges, obstacles become opportunities

This is the way achievers think. They never see obstacles, constrains or failure, they see opportunities. All it takes is a different kind of thinking; you will be surprised at the change that will occur in your life. You will see possibilities where you first saw obstacles.

When you enter into the school of problems, you become a problem solver.

Failure is not the final destination

Problems are only failure if you see them that way. Failure is learning what does not work. Don’t let failure deceive you, there is success that follows after failure, if you carefully analyze it.

 What do you know about problems that we don’t know. Please share.

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