Here is another series of Be an Inspiration and this is going to be the last post of the year. As you know, Make a Difference series is a space where you are challenged with inspiring stories of people and communities that are making a difference in the globe. You will see that anyone can make a difference and in truth, you are an inspiration to the world

Today I am thrilled to have Uju who is not just doing a guest post for me but closing this year on this blog with her awesome and inspirational story.

Uju is a passionate blogger and an Inspirational Speaker birthed into this world to empower people to live their very best lives. She is the Founder of Life’s Treasury.

With so much passion for people, Uju teaches on Personal development, emotional intelligence and will turn your life into bliss. She is there for you if you need someone to talk to.

I follow her blog and she does know how to give one a dose of inspiration. So let me give Uju the spotlight as she shares her awesome story.

Hello awesome readers, many thanks to my mentor in blogging for giving me this privilege to put up an article here.

Today I am going to be talking about the ability to “KEEP SPEAKING”. Speak into your future, speak into your tomorrow, just keep speaking even when things do not seem like they are going the right way.

Keep Speaking No matter What

Some of us might be wondering what do I say? what can I say?

What to say is EVERYTHING POSITIVE; about your life, your tomorrow, your success, things you want to see, and so on.

You can say anything and you have all the words in you to speak out, but then most of us tend to withdraw our words because we feel that what will people say.

If I keep speaking about being a Forbes personality tomorrow and I do not achieve it, I might end up being called the “DREAMER”

Oh well! the only time you will not be called a dreamer is when you decide to settle for less of who you are but if people have to see you in the light of who you are going to be then you have to speak.

I am not stating a principle that is not achievable, it has worked for me so I know it definitely will work for you.

I graduated from a private University in Nigeria and as of when I was in my 3rd year, my result was so messy because of lecturers’ errors everywhere. This resulted in me being on a second class lower grade.

But then I had friends who always told me, Uju you told us you needed to graduate with a second class upper degree to make your family proud, how do you intend doing that now that your result looks this way and we are rounding up in no time?

The only thing I told them was what I said before which never changed, “you are looking at a Second Class Upper graduate”. Most of them laughed me away and then called me the ultimate name “DREAMER”. But this never stopped me.

When we got into my final years, I knew I had to do extra more for me to actually achieve what I have been saying.  

As at the 1st semester of my final year, I was still on a second class lower, in fact, I was almost a laughing stock but that did not change the words that came out of my mouth, because even though no one else saw what tomorrow was going to be like, I did.

And I knew for me to make my family proud I had to put action to my word, I had to study more, pray more and put in more time to my academics.

So where I had any little issue, I would go see a friend who knew better or even the lecturer who took the course.

Guess what! When it was time for my final exams I told myself I needed to go in and write my first class score because at this time I needed a very high GPA to place me on a very amazing second class upper.

So having labored days before the exams, I went into the exam hall with a first class mentality.

Now It seemed that after my exams,  my friends wanted me to admit that my exams were not good and maybe the second class lower was the way after all.

But then they never got that answer. I kept telling them to just stay glued to the result board and look out for my name in the second class upper list..

Lo and behold when the results came out, obviously, they got to check it out before I did and you know what?

The dreamer became the girl who lived in reality.

This right here is who I want you to be and even better, keep speaking the best out of your tomorrow and the future ahead of you.

But one clause you must know is, your words are empty without your actions, so if you must speak big, then you have to act towards achieving that greatness.

The power of speaking and action is the gateway to achieve the Ultimate Prize.

So do not be bothered when they call you a “DREAMER” just think of my story and believe that reality will definitely come smiling at you, even though it takes time, it will come.

 About The Author


Uju Chukwu is obsessed with success and is a Motivational Writer, a Business Speaker, and a White Collar Job Lady(YES!! 9-5 hustles). She teaches people how to get the best result in business and in everyday life. You can read up my motivational articles on Life’s Treasury

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