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The Wright brothers Orville and Wilbur, believed they could fly. Since the time they were kids, they had seen the possibility of flying while playing with a helicopter toy.

“It is impossible to fly a heavy object”; such were the words that resounded in their mind like thunderbolts. it seemed that no one could comprehend a heavy object being above the ground.

When they tried to achieve their goal and failed, they were criticized by the European Aviation Community and European newspapers.

This did not make them give up but they kept improving and experimenting . The rest is history as today machines as heavy as large tanks are in the air.


Henry Ford and the 8 Cylinder Engine Problem

Henry Ford, a great industrialist was faced with a problem. His Automobile business was losing market to Chevrolet and He knew that they only way to gain an edge against his competitor was to innovate.

So he told his Engineers to build an 8 cylinder engine. The problem was that the Engineers believed that such a goal was impossible.

Ford was not going to take no for an answer. So with much pressure and supervision, he pushed the Engineers above their limit and the V8 was born


A Nation Sparks the Mobile Revolution

A notable figure who was the Minister of Communication in Nigeria once declared that the Smartphone was not for the ordinary people. He predicted that it would be difficult for citizens to own a mobile phone.

It seemed his predictions were correct as a Sim card at the time cost about N20,000 and for a nation that was struggling with poverty, this price was quite expensive.

Fast forward today and the former Minister was proven wrong as Nigeria is now tagged as one of the countries that have sparked the Mobile Revolution.

The nations’s online presence is steadily increasing as most citizens possess more than one smartphone.

Avoid this! Don’t Let People Dictate to You What is Possible

Whatever your dream and passion is, go for it; don’t wait for anyone to give you permission.

As Steve Jobs puts it; people will never understand your product or services till they experience it. So why do you need the approval of others to start your project?

Great achievers started as confused people without a clue or direction of where they want be but as the made mistakes, they soon began to gain clarity. During this process of awareness, no one could understand their vision till eventually people got it.

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So don’t fall into the trap of listening to obstacles. Don’t throw in the towel because you have heard that it can’t work. Nothing is impossible! there is always a possibility.

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Over to you

What are those things that you have been told is far each from your grasp? Starting today, take the step to create your revolution.

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