What You Don't Know About Wasting Your Life

Have you gotten what you want in your struggle?  Do you think that where you are is really where you want to be?

Have you lived your life to your fullest content or is there more to your life that you have not yet perceived?

So the world has made you a king. You have lived your life without taking any risks. Everything seems to pass you by and your life certainly does not count.

But Who cares? Life is too short anyway so why bother?  Why should you make your life so count when you are not that special?

There is nothing so different about you and you just like a billion other people.

it’s best that you live your life the way you please till the last of your breath.

But What if you knew that by wasting your life away, you are causing a ripple in your world.

What if you knew that by making your life not count, you are wasting the lives of others.

So while you are still in doubt, here are 4 crazy things you did not know when you waste your life.

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What You Don't Know About Wasting Your Life

1. You are Mocking your Essence

The fellow whose verdict will make the most impact and will hate you in life will be the one who looks at you when you stare in the mirror.

He will never be happy with you because you did not trust in him and made a mockery of him to the world.

With more than one gift, he was never able to make an impact because you made him feel like a void. 

Though, he gave you his hands and his strength. you gave him no chance as though it never existed to you.

You might have been called a nice guy or an awesome guy but the man in the glass thinks you are a bum because you can’t look him straight in the eye.

What is the point of pleasing Regret and Failure while displeasing yourself?

Why do you make negativity your friend while the man in the glass shed tears?

So you may get a pat on the back from life but your reward will be heartache and strife. For the most dangerous thing you have done is cheat on the man in the glass.

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2. Your Dreams Waits for the Inevitable

They say dreams never die but you have proved them wrong. You chose to stay on the fence and it changed who you are.

While your dream made the first move, you refused to take the first step. Your dreams believed in you but in your heart, you did not trust to have your dream.

So while you believe that you have the time, your dream sees the end coming soon. It knows that a time will come when your passion and energy will come to an end. It is aware that your time is drawing near.

So it patiently waits when it will bid your farewell; when you will be laid to rest and it will be in peace forever.

3. You Will Regret Walking out on Courage

You will be sad in years to come for becoming partners with Excuse and turning your back on Courage.

Soon, you will despise fear and wish you had taken the hands of Courage to express the life you were so destined to live.

If you could control time, You would wish that you had pushed through life, never giving up, and conquered all your obstacles; going all out to make a difference.

You will realize that you were done for, from the day you believed that you made no difference to your world.

Isn’t it strange to fill your lips with the words ” What if” at the very end?  Isn’t it strange that with all the time that was at your grasp, the end of the story would be a very sad end?

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4. You suffer Others

When you refuse to take your pen and create your reality nor implant your legacy into your generation, you despise your existence and refuse to make an impact on others.

As you give up on yourself, you are given up on those who stand to benefit from your gift and greatness. Thus you are making them suffer.

Imagine how much you have taken from others by playing small; you have made others do the same too.

When you quit on your journey and say goodbye to life, do remember that you have thrown your towel on a whole generation.

When you quit on your journey and say goodbye to life, do remember that you have thrown your towel on a whole generation. Click To Tweet


Do you think that your life is so insignificant that it is worth wasting? Please share in the comments below. Have a wonderful week.

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