What would the World be without phones? Have you ever stayed a whole day without touching your phone? It could be difficult to stay without our phones. We must chat with someone, check our Facebook; give some tweets and watch some videos.  AHA! lets not forget to give our buddies a Whats App message; someone has got to see this picture.

Such behaviour is as a result of the Mobile revolution!!!!! 

While the advantage of possessing a mobile phone is enormous, I never knew the side affect of phones until I watched this video 

I am guilty and I know you will probably agree that you are guilty too, as you watch the video.

We need to critically look at the effect of mobile phones in our lives. This is not to make you go back to the prehistoric ages but to have a rethink and make adjustments. 

I witnessed an incident where a guy was almost hit by a car because he was chatting and at the same time crossing the road. He was unaware of the incoming vehicle. The driver was very skilful to have evaded the fellow who ironically was unaware of what just happened to him and kept on with his task.

So what do you think about the effect of mobile phones in our lives.



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