Who Would You BE if the World never gave you an Identity

Who Would You Be If The World Never Gave You an Identity

Who Would You BE if the World never gave you an Identity

The most difficult thing for you is to live your life without an Identity. It scares you to the bones because losing your identity is losing your entire existence.

How on earth are you supposed to live your life without an identity? How are you supposed to live your life to the fullest when you have no idea of YOU?

Your life seems to be meaningless because there is nothing to define You. 

What sort of dreams could you possibly achieve if you had no sense of purpose? What sort of World would you create if you don’t know where your World began?

What sort of man will you become, when you don’t have an identity?

It is no wonder why you hold on to anything that  gives you a sense of belonging.

Like an innocent and sweet baby that comes to the world, you constantly need to keep validating yourself through the perception of others.

It is not your fault! indeed! it seems humanity cannot be complete without a form of identity. 

So it is not surprising that you hold on to labels so easily. It is not surprising that you allow the world to craft a life for you and force feed a blue-print for an intentional life.

It is not surprising that your sense of purpose is limited to the self imposed standards of Society. It is not surprising that you feel awkward if you are not following the crowd.

After all , you were born into this pattern; you met the system. Maybe you don’t like it; maybe you can’t help it but If you cannot beat it, it is best you join it. No point fighting with a calling that is out of your control..

But who would you be if the World didn’t give you an identity? Who would you be if the World did not give you a label?

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How would you be able to create a life for yourself out of nothing? 

Am I saying that having an identity is a bad thing? Am I looking down on the concept of an identity? Certainly not!

However, when your sense of identity makes you chose smallness over greatness. When your sense of identity makes you to hold on to the perception that you are insignificant and don’t matter.

When your sense of identity makes you to define yourself through an artificial label and feel that you can’t make a difference.

When your Identity makes you to believe that labels define you and not whom you truly are inside, then you are minimizing yourself and this is the sad part.

When you can’t come to terms that you are so awesome with your endowed abilities; when you don’t understand that you are an amazing creation blessed with amazing blend of unique gifts.

When you are blinded to the fact that your existence makes a difference to the universe, then your identity needs to be questioned?

So I ask you Who would you be if the world never gave you an identity? Please comment below and share with others. 

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5 thoughts on “Who Would You Be If The World Never Gave You an Identity”

  1. Hi Ikechi,

    Wonderful post indeed 🙂

    It gives us lots to think about, especially as you mentioned where we’d be if the world gave us no identity. Yes, I wonder too, where would we be, who would we be, and would we matter to anyone? Interesting topic of discussion here!

    If we really don’t think we can make a difference or our identity or our brand matters more than who we really are, that is the saddest part. We are all here for a purpose, each one of us – and we need to remember that we in our own little way can make a difference – this is our identity of being present, being here for a purpose, isn’t it? Not what we look for what the world gives us, because that is the outer aspect of it, and we need to dwell more within.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena

      Wow! What an insight.

      You are right that this post gives us so much food for thought 🙂

      The questions that you shared such as who we would be, I have thought about this too and I wanted to know how others would feel.

      As you share, each and everyone one of us has a purpose on earth no matter how litle it seems. and it is we that determine our destiny.

      Thanks for sharing. Have a swell week. Take Care

  2. Hello again Awazie,
    Really, what was an amazing post and question is it for me!!! so I really says you that everybody should build identity because Identity is very essential for all human-beings as for me.

    if we have an identity, we can move,travel anywhere and making difference proudly,we can change our bad instinct it is indeed we have to bad instinct in nature our humans so for this making difference is a great science, isn’t make us happy???

    who would you be, if the world never give you an identity????? this was your great question to me, well, Now I,m at least doing making difference and this is my endeavour, endearing, so world must give me an identity to my fame and fluency because when I think of it peoples are nothing without an identity, so imagine I,m not worthless for the world if so I need identity to serve the world.

    So world must give me an identity, do you know identity means not only but also fame,dignified and wealthy. am I right????

    from Abebaw

    1. HI Abebaw

      So sorry that I have not replied this comment. Just noticed it today. Strange that I did not see it. I do like you answer to my question. You know we should create our own identity and not be bound by standards. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  3. Hey Ikechi,

    I totally agree, when we think what people think about us we are not only insulting ourselves but we are giving people chance judging us, label us and pull us from ourselves. We try to fit in the people requirement and we can’t fly if we are bound.

    Thanks for sharing this motivation post Ikechi.

    Yogesh Shinde

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