3 reasons why finding inner pease is not as easy as you think
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To be at peace with your mind and body is to achieve Inner Peace. It’s one reason that people pursue such goal. When you have inner peace, your stress and worry levels are low if not zero. You are healthy and happy with yourself and with others.

It’s great to achieve inner peace but the truth is that it’s not as easy as you think and we will see the reasons why shortly. That does not mean that you can’t achieve inner peace; you can really but as you will see, some of the methods used to find inner peace are not effective.

Self Effort 

Google the word “Inner peace” and you will see a lot of tips on what you should do to find inner peace. These techniques include meditation, quiet environment, music, affirmation, doing yoga, visualization, good attitude and so many bizarre techniques.

The truth is that these techniques are not effective. What happens is that most people are under pressure and strain, following these techniques. Short term therapy is no result. Having to do a list of steps to calm yourself each time you discover you are uneasy will only wane you down the more.

What about the advice to be at peace with yourself?

Most people are struggling with loneliness. Some need love and appreciation. Unless this happens in their lives, they will only deceive themselves by trying to be at peace. If you don’t love who you are, how can you be at peace with yourself?


How do you define joy and happiness in your life? 

Well the answer is very simple and unfortunate; through guilt and demands. You might think that this isn’t possible; how can guilt or demand be linked with Joy and happiness?

You probably have heard someone say that he would be happy if only certain conditions took place in his life. Here are such statements and I am sure you could add to the list

If only I was rich, I won’t be in this condition

If only my parents sent me to Harvard University, getting a job would be that easy.

If I were as rich as he was, I would have all I need and nothing would make me unhappy.

If only I were as slim as her, I would not have to be this ugly.

I wish my wife was just like her, I know our marriage would be fun.

I wish my husband was as fun as Mr James, our marriage would not be this boring

If I were as smart as Tim, I would be the top of the class.

As you will see from these statements, people have defined joy and peace for themselves and this syncs well with the principles of our world especially when it comes to personal achievement.

What is this principle? It’s that you should not be comfortable with where you are? This is not the best of you; You have to keep going the extra mile; the sky is just the limit. Keep working to be the best YOU even though you hate what you are doing. The world’s form of peace is that you are not comfortable till you go the extra mile.

As long as you have such mindset, you will constantly be at war with your inner peace.

Fixed Mindset.

Talking about mindset,  most people have a fixed mindset about finding inner peace. Some believe that its by choice, others believe that it can’t be controlled. Irrespective of what you believe, finding inner peace starts with renewing your mind and that itself is not easy.

Having listed the reasons why it’s not easy to achieve inner peace, I am not saying that it’s not possible but not with the methods that is commonly suggested by psychological experts.

If you want to achieve or find inner peace, then understand this; that you can’t achieve inner peace with your effort,  psychology, mysticism, magic or hypnosis. 

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