imaginationThe Imagination Library was founded by a great singer, Dolly Parton and is developed to encourage children and their families to read specially selected books.


I was actually surprised when I saw the information on Imagination Library. A library is known for its large volume of books so I was expecting to see a library dedicated to only large volumes of images, pictures and videos. (I believe there is one out there)


Though my expectation was cut short, I am thinking about the idea of having a personal imagination library. I could go into my mind and put on paper, unimaginable images of opportunities which I would share with people to encourage creativity but the problem is I can’t draw.


So I am thinking about digital images and photos that I could store online that will spark off creativity in everyone. I checked online and thought that most people did not have an imagination library. Little did I know that I was actually not thinking outside the box; I was looking for an institution that had an Imagination Library.


It’s no wonder that adults struggle with creativity. As children, we allow our minds to be creative. Children think of crazy ideas that might never happen but the process of creating ideas is fun to them even if it’s absurd. As children become adults, they are somehow brainwashed and creativity is made to sleep; only few people wake it up.


Maybe I can create my imagination library on Social media. I will like to ask you what tools you use to build your imagination library. Please share with us in the comment area.




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