There is nothing as refreshing as listening to a comedy. It’s sure relaxing and is very healthy for the body. In Nigeria, Comedy has carved itself as a niche in the Entertainment industry. We have got talented comedians in Nigeria who would make you laugh till you shout out.

There is one show that has got my radars up and that’s the Stand Up Nigeria Comedy Show created by Bunmi Davies. There are other shows that are very good like the Ay show, Basketmouth, Crack ya Ribs and many more but Stand Up Nigeria is one show that has got my attention.


Stand Up Nigeria

Well, the first thing is that the creator of this show is not a comedian but he created a platform for young aspiring comedians.

 Comedy is one interesting profession and you need a lot of network and shows, to be able to become a very successful comedian.

A newbie would have to start from doing shows that had a small audience then work his way till eventually, he would get to do shows with a larger audience if he becomes popular

Stand Up Nigeria has made it easier and has given young aspiring comedians a platform to reach out to a large audience. in the show, you have a lot of comedians coming up for about 10-50 minutes each and performing for the audience. 

Stand Up Nigeria is a light for all comedians. 

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