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What if without warning, your dreams become dashed? What if an accident becomes a major turnaround in your life? Do you GIVE UP or do you MOVE FORWARD?

I share with you a story (thanks to Sunny Mistra) about  Arunima Sinha, 26, who hails from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Despite her ill fate, she became the First Female Amputee to climb Mount Everest.

As you read this story, you will admire this young lady for her courage and faith.  

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On the  11th of April 2011, A National level Volley Ballplayer was traveling from Lucknow to Delhi in a train named “Padmavati Express”. She was boarding a ticket on General Coach as she had to go to Delhi and do the exams of C.I.S.F.

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 On the train, a gang of thieves came and tried to snatch her bag and gold chain. In the scuffle that ensued, she was thrown from the general coach. Unfortunately, as she fell from the  Padmavati train, another train coming from the other direction crushed her left leg below the knee.

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 Sinha was badly injured and suffered some serious injuries in the leg and pelvic regions. She was admitted to AIIMS for about 4 months and after that, she was released but the most tragic part of the incident was that the doctors had to cut her left leg.

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In the 4 months that she spent at the hospital, she gained massive media coverage. This added fuel to her depression and frustration. She was also awarded compensation by the government and was provided a prosthetic leg, free of charge by a private Delhi-based Indian company.

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Sinha knew that her career as a Volleyball player had come to an end but she did not quit or lose hope. Instead,………………..

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She took the inspiration from Indian Cricketer “Yuvraj Singh“. She felt if he can recover from cancer, she too can recover from her ill fate. So she decided to climb Mount Everest.

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At first, things seemed quite difficult but she got excellent support from her parents, brother, and coach. She started training gradually and then met the iconic Bachendri Pal (The first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest) who was moved on seeing her indomitable spirit. She started training at Uttarkashi Camp.

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 Sinha and Susen Mahto, a TSAF instructor who had together climbed Mount Chaamser Kangri (6622 meters) in 2012 under the guidance of Bachendri Pal, started their ascent of Mount Everest on April 1,  2013.

After toiling for 52 days, she reached the Peak of Mount Everest on 21 May 2013 and finally became The First Female Amputee to climb Mount Everest

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Anything is Possible

Maybe climbing Mount Everest might no be worth the while but to Sinha, it gave her hope and a sense of her life. Rather than allow her darkest hour to linger, she decided to do the unimaginable.

Just like Nick Vujicic who surfed with no arms and legs, Sinha learned that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.

If you have lost hope and feel that your life is upside down or you feel that life is not worthwhile, let this story remind you that there is hope.

In closing, let me remind you that you are an inspiration; your experience either good, bad, and ugly can bless your generation.

See yourself with an amazing set of unique gifts and the amazing creation you are, who will change the world. Be an Inspiration and I look forward to featuring your success story on this blog

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