When I started the series about awakening the power in our hearts, It never occurred to me that a time in history will come, when a Pandemic will threaten the existence of humanity.

The World is a facing a global challenge such that people are forced to stay at home just to stay safe. Recession is creeping to the world like a house filled with gas just waiting for a match to explode.

Yet despite these uncertain situation, all you have is the power to remain strong, calm and steadfast in these uncertain times.

Desperate Times build Tough Guys

Maybe you believe that things might never be the same again. You might be thinking that we are at the verge of being wiped out like the dinosaurs but remember that since the inception of life, tough times never last but tough people do.

So things might get pretty rough but there is a lot of opportunities only if you can see things slightly better than they are.

Humanity is Creative during Crisis

Right now, People are collectively fighting CONVID-19 using Creativity. Don’t be left out! It is time to get innovative and develop strategies that will make you stay relevant in these hard times.

There is a green light on the other side of this red light we’re in right now. Panic and fear won’t help you to survive . It’s staying sane and listening to you heart that will enable you to overcome the obstacles that make a difference.

Now is the time to be an Inspiration

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