The Ups and downs of knowledge
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Knowledge has its Ups and Downs:

Up:  Knowledge helps you to improve your decision making

Down:  Too much knowledge can cause analysis paralysis which will enable you, make no decision at all

Up:  Knowledge improves your thinking and helps you solve problems

Down:  You might become so knowledge concious that you lose innovation.

Up:  Knowledge enables one to develop his potential to a great extent.

Down:  Knowledge that is not used at all  becomes a negative value.

Up:  Knowledge is power

Down: Knowledge that is not accurate is a time bomb.

Up: Knowledge is used to improve the lives of people

Down: Knowledge can be used to destabilize nature. An example is the nuclear and chemical weapons that have been created and used on earth which have caused a lot of imbalances as well as havoc.

Up:  The quest for more knowledge and sharing of information gave birth to the Internet

Down:  On the Internet; People are working hard to protect their privacy, fight against unethical behaviour and provide information that will be used for good.

Up: Knowledge could be the foundation for securing a career

Down:  In today’s world, the rate at which knowledge becomes outdated is increasing which is a posing threat for career itself.

Up: Knowledge removes inequality. Those who do not come from a wealthy background can still rise from their present level to a higher level.

Down:  Unfortunately, the level of education or knowledge attained has given birth to discrimination. Most individuals have gotten a mindset that makes them compare and look down on others based on the  level of education. 

What do you think are the Ups and Downs of Knowledge? 


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