Full Definition of POOR

1:  lacking material possessions
 :  of, relating to, or characterized by poverty
2:  less than adequate :  meager
 :  small in worth
3:  exciting pity <you poor thing>
:  inferior in quality or value
 :  humbleunpretentious
c :  meanpetty
5:  leanemaciated
6:  barrenunproductive —used of land
8:  lacking a normal or adequate supply of something specified —often used in combination <oil-poor countries>. 
Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles/ freedigitalphotos.net
Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles/ freedigitalphotos.net


There is one meaning of “Poor” that is not in the dictionary which I am going to reveal to you.

Now after I have revealed this meaning to you, you can take your time and check all the dictionaries you can think of. If your see it, just buzz me in the comment section.

Now how come our dictionaries missed this one definition? I have been pondering that question too.

Looking at the definitions listed, you will notice that the meanings are mostly based on possession and value. Yes! being POOR is described as either lack of possession or value.

So if you don’t live according to certain standards or economic measurement, you are termed Poor which is why we have poor countries and rich countries. These countries are poor because the government have not provided certain resources that will make their citizens live a comfortable life.

Now on to the meaning of the Poor that has not been listed in the dictionary.

This meaning might not look like a definition; you might call it an acronym but it does have a meaning. So here is it, the meaning of Poor;

P: Passing
O: Over
O: Opportunities
R: Repeatedly

Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.

This is the meaning of Poor that is not in the dictionary and this is probably the reason why people or countries are actually poor.

I have had people try to tell me that it takes money to make money; some have insisted that those that were rich became so because they were lucky to get huge resources from friends, families and investors.

While I know that it takes pain to get investment, I dispute the fact it takes money to see an opportunity. The richest people became rich by first seeing the opportunity and going all out for it. Money was not the focus, it was the idea, the opportunity; the Gold Nugget.

The truth is that people pass over opportunities repeatedly without realising it. We are afraid and uncertain of what will happen if we pursue these opportunities. Only the persistent, brave and courageous entrepreneurs pursue, conquer, solve and impact.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that every opportunity leads to success but if we learn from our failures, its a matter of time before we learn to turn every opportunity to success.

Think about how many opportunities were shown your way; think about the opportunities that are before you now. Think about those who seized the opportunity and solved people’s problem.

I had a friend who told me of how he turned down a chance to build a profitable business because he felt that it was too dirty to do as a business. This business could have earned him Millions but he felt it was not a business for a graduate. This business today is Recycling and if you go online, the internet has a lot to tell.

Most nations that are termed poor have refused to create opportunities for their citizens. Rather than be innovative and creative, they decided to be expensive spenders and policy slackers.

We see some countries create policies that drain their resources; We see countries that refuse to look within themselves for innovative projects but copy the policies, initiatives and ideas of other nations without understanding the philosophy.

Here is a quote from a Job site I came across called Jet Heights and even though they talk about creating Jobs in Nigeria and Africa, they also highlight our nature of passing over opportunities. I think everyone should think about this.

I have seen fellow graduates who have degrees in mechanical engineering but have to depend on a mechanic that did not complete his primary school education to repair minor things in their cars. I have seen graduates of electrical and electronics engineering who have to depend on some guy with only a secondary school education to repair their TV or solve some electrical problems in their home.

In closing, I think dictionaries should consider adding this definition. What do you think?


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