Why You Should Prepare Today For The Opportunities Of Tomorrow

The Internet is our pool of information and knowledge. There is no issue and technical problem that we can’t find the solution on the internet. However, instead of looking at the internet as a way of solving problems, it can also be used as an opportunity to prepare us for the future. Here is a …

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To Achieve Greatness: Be A Child

  Children are such a wonder. If you are around them, you will be fascinated by some of their activities. Children are very fearless. They take on challenges head on; no worries, no limits, no system, no process, no structure, just an action which sometimes might be wild and crazy.  I saw a child while …

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What is Possible

In the next 10 years, You will be able to control your desktop, Ipad, Ipod and Iphones through your brain. You will be able to get to the most distant country in just 10 minutes. Presidents all over the World would be running the affairs of their country, in their homes with state of the art security. Research Facilities will …

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A Daughter, Her Dying Father and The Wedding Day

Words cannot describe the bravery of this lady who decides to honor her dying father by recording her first dance for her Wedding day. She had received the news that her father had less than 3 months to live. So she decides to do something that will be memorable for both the father and herself …

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Marriage: Couples Create New Foreign Language in Africa

Who says there can’t be innovation in marriage? Innovation is mostly paired with Businesses, Science, Leadership, Creativity , products and services. Innovation is everywhere and can happen anywhere. We are all innovators without actually knowing it. I know a lot of people will raise an eyebrow to this topic; don’t worry, i almost did too …

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Cultural, Umbilical, Lateral and Transformational (CULT) Revolution

 One of the purpose of this blog is to give people a chance to inspire others. (You can click here to go the inspire page) and that is what this article has done. I was inspired by the article and i hope you will too.  So Enjoy   The word “REVOLUTION” immediately brings to mind …

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