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7 Exhausting Ways To Be The Best You

exhausting ways to be the best you

exhausting ways to be the best you(1)


One of the powerful and unique gifts that you possess is the ability to make yourself better everyday. Being able to change your emotional, intellectual and physical faculties pays huge dividends, in both your personal and professional lives.

But do you know that you can be exhausted from the quest to be the best? Do you know that you can feel depressed, overwhelmed, achy, run down, older than your years, SPENT, wrecked and running on empty trying to be the best you.

7 Exhausting Ways To Be The Best You

Is this problem caused by the methods of being the very best? Here are some exhausting ways of being the best you. 

1. Being Number One

“You are not special. You are not exceptional . … You see, if everyone is special, then no one is”. David McCullough

No one wants to be known as average. Such term is an insult to one’s personality. To be known as ordinary and associated to be like everyone else is degrading to your uniqueness which is why being the best you means that you must be No 1.

Such goal is a worthy cause in this world but the problem is that you have to work towards staying on top. If being No 1 is all that matters to you, then going down in rank can make you worry and put you under much pressure.

All your days will be looking unto the shoulders of others, trying to compete, outmaneuver, and be one step ahead of your competitors which eventually will wear you out.

Don’t be rank conscious. Your uniqueness and talent has nothing to do with being No 1. It has more to do with making an impact and inspiring others.

2. Being An Island

Some people have the do it yourself mindset. They don’t need the help of anyone and they love to be the lone wolf. They see others as not being good enough.  They have the Midas touch to every situation.

If being the best you means that you have to do it all alone, then be ready to be exhausted as you are like a man who is building his home all by himself. It doesn’t matter how much passion you have or how much focused you can be. Unless you have the strength of Hercules, you are in for a never ending goal.

There is a wise saying that no man is an island. Never look down on the wisdom of others. Their experience can be the aha moment to your struggles. Realize that you need the help of others and every person’s experience is an empowerment in your life Journey.

3. Never Being Grateful

In this world, life owes you so much that you deserve every good thing in life. You love to savour the sweet taste of honey but hate the bees. You want to admire the roses yet you despise it’s thorny side.

So being the best you means that you push yourself to get more and more. It is all about you and you and you. Your happiness and Joy  is tied  to every situation in your life. ” If only this happens” only then “I will be happy”.  it is about helping yourself and no one else.

In the end, you will be angry and disappointed as the world does not work in the way you imagined; This cycle of hurt and anger will eventually exhaust you. it will zap you of your energy as you continue in such path. 

The beauty of being grateful is that it relieves you of stress and makes you happy. So be grateful and watch as your relationships improve and your life blossoms.

Harish via Launchyourgenious . com
Harish via Launchyourgenious . com


4.  Living Someone’s life


lifehack . org
lifehack . org


To be able to achieve your dreams is great. Being able to strive towards a goal can make your journey have meaning but sometimes you can strive towards a goal that doesn’t fulfill you. You walk through the path to a dream that isn’t yours and does not sync with your inner self.

There is so much pressure to live the life of someone else. You are in constant battle with your inner self. The more you deviate from who you are, the more you exhaust yourself so why not stop wasting time and energy and be Yourself.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.  Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

5. You Want To Please Everyone

Children delight in seeking praise from teachers and parents which is why the more praise they receive, the more they will tend to impress everyone. As adults we tend to seek such attention.

You allow the expectation of others to rule your life. It is better for everyone to be happy with you than to risk being excluded by the community. The best of you has been pigeonholed and you believe that other people’s definition of you matter.

The problem is that you don’t have the energy of a child who can be driven even with  random dreams and ideas. If you try to fit into the expectation of people, you will tire out and exhaust yourself.

Remember that people might have an inaccurate view of you so why try to meet up with their expectations. Stop trying to please everyone as this is impossible. Instead, let people accept you for who you are and not what they want you to be.  

6. Striving to be Perfect

Do you believe that if you are perfect you can control how others feel about you? Do you believe that perfection brings out the best in you? You are not alone. There is a common knowledge that being perfect minimizes pain, blame, Judgement and shame.

Your sense of worthiness is on the line if you are never ( beautiful, smart, thin, talented, admired, intelligent, etc) enough. So you strive towards making everything perfect, creating all conditions in order for you to be happy.

As gracious as such goals seem, it is unrealistic to become perfect. You will be depressed, anxious and your happiness will not last long because your quest for perfection will result in exhaustion.

Being the best you isn’t about being perfect.. There is beauty in imperfection. Don’t seek perfection from outside as you already perfect in your essence. Don’t let what other people think of you define your existence, you are amazing full of potential and greatness.

7. You Are Not Recharging


Magnus via Photopin . com
Magnus via Photopin . com

Life really can be so dull. You wake up one morning and you don’t get much to accomplish. You struggle through the day trying to get something done but you fail. You don’t even have much energy to even change the situation.

The problem is that you have not recharged yourself; you haven’t had enough rest. You cut rest to do other things that are much more important like attending meetings, getting glued on the internet, doing chores, watching T.V and reading. You train your mind to pretend your body doesn’t get tired but in the end, your energy is so low.

Take a nap; get some rest; life is not a series of sprint. Don’t be so fast that you overstretch yourself. Take a vacation, take a walk, close your eyes for a few minutes and put your body to rest. 

Over to You

Have you been exhausted trying to be your very best? Are you exhausted with your goals to be the best you? Please share and comment below.

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