The Most Exhausting Way To Stay Motivated

 Harshad Sharma, CC-BY 2.0 via Flickr
Harshad Sharma, CC-BY 2.0 via Flickr

Paul is restless on his bed; all he feels is pain. His brain feels like he is carrying a huge stone. So much is the pain that he is finding it difficult to see. His body is going through a fever rage.

He has gone to the hospital and has been given medications. The doctor also prescribed that he needs to take a break and rest. So as he waits for the drug to take effect, he reminds himself that he still needs to create that App. He is sad that he has to wait for a week before he continues his project but suddenly he realises the mistake that brought him to his situation.

Paul wanted to create a game app. His dream was to make a game that everyone would love. He wanted his creation to be appreciated. So he decided that he would need to be focused and stay motivated, if he was to achieve his goal.

He then mapped out his plan; since he had a pay job, he would do his game project at night.

He started and began coding every night but he never had any sleep. He would work at day time, then work all through the night. He was super motivated; there was so much energy to keep going on.

However Paul began to notice that his body was changing, he would go to work in the day exhausted. His co workers noticed that his productivity dropped and they advised him to take a break but Paul would not let such words move him and slow down his pace. He had a goal to achieve.

However, he could not make significant progress in his project, it seemed as if he was waning. This did not stop him from going on; he kept it at until his body finally gave up.

He woke up one morning to discover that he had a migraine headache with aches and pain. It then dawned on Paul that he had to stop and get medical attention.

So as he thinks through his experience. here is the lesson he learnt in hindsight.

The most exhausting way to be motivated is to go through life without moderation.  There is a saying that the race is not for the swift. In truth it is not.

You might think that you can never be in the same situation as Paul but don’t be deceived. We easily get caught up with daily tasks which can become an addiction if not controlled.

Don’t get me wrong! passion can make you go a mile instead of taking a step but a burnt out individual will never go far even if he has the greatest idea. 

So here is the thing, Have a great attitude, be motivated, take action and work smart but add to your ingredient moderation . It’s a key to Success guaranteed. 


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