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The 10 Most Popular Posts That Rocked in 2016

As we draw the curtain to 2016. it is time to leave the past behind, learn from yesterday and begin to live for today.

A lot of exciting things are going to take place this year 2017 in this blog. There will be more sparks of inspiration plus a whole new level of thought provoking posts.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in your life. It is all because of you that I am able to light your world. Thank you so much for your love and support. 

What Topic Would You Like To See In This Blog In 2017

Before we get to the top 10 list, I want you to know that this blog is all about giving you creative self development tips that will give you an aha moment.

So I would like you to give your feedback on the blog:

What topics made a difference for you in 2016? What topic caused an aha moment for you in 2016?

What topics would you like to see more in 2017?

Do you have any observation or suggestions for this blog?

This information would enable me to provide more value and inspire you more. Topics should be suggested in the comment section. So here goes…… unto to the list.

1. 11 Examples of People That Turned Weakness To An Asset

Now even though this post is not published in 2016, it has been has been getting more views and rocked in 2016. There is a misunderstanding about one’s weakness which is why it is not surprising that people destest their weakness. if you believe that your weakness is a disability, then read these awesome people who turned their weakness into an asset. READ MORE

2. 13 Examples of Rejection That Became Success Stories

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No one likes rejection; who does but what if you discovered that your rejection can be a powerful motivation and make a difference in your world. What if you knew that your rejection could help you build your self esteem. READ MORE

3.  3 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Feeling Useless

I bet you thought that it is ok to feel useless. After all, you can’t just help feeling that you are not good enough and you prefer to feel inferior and worthless all the time. What if you knew that by being negative and letting your perception keep  oozing defeat, you are shaping the future. READ MORE

4. Are You Missing the Boat with Your Own Life?

Are You Missing The Boat with Your Own Life

This post was dished by Ramona. Are you so bound to yourself that you are missing the boat? Do you think that you don’t fit the big picture and consider yourself to be a space in your world? . READ MORE

5. 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Blame Anyone In Your Life

People find it very easy to point fingers at one another. When something goes wrong, somebody must be held responsible but Isn’t it strange that people are willing to define their existence based on the action of others? READ MORE

6. 3 Crazy Things You Did not Know About Fishing for Compliments

Everyone loves a compliment. Who doesn’t like to be praised and adored. Who doesn’t want to be honoured.  Your self esteem is very much important. Feeling good about yourself is a wonderful experience but what if you knew that your crave for praise and compliment can cause a drastic effect and shape your world. READ MORE

7. 4 Personal Pledges for Success That Will Change Your Life

A wonderful post by Taiwo Emayosanlomo. This post made a difference this year. An inspirational work by an awesome personal development coach. Do you know that your personal pledge for success can make a whole difference? Do you know that when you scribble down a commitment, it causes so much transformation? READ MORE

8. Why You Shouldn’t Throw Any of Yourself Away

Why You Shouldn't Throw Any of Yourself Away

Not having a unique purpose can make you go crazy. You have discovered that you have got so many passions and this is making you so sad. What if you knew that by throwing any of yourself away, you are hurting your existence. READ MORE

9. 4 Crazy Things You Did Not Know When You Lose Everything

4 Crazy Things You Did Not Know When You Lose Everything

You have lost everything and all that you have left are just pieces of yourself which you are about to let go. You are bereaved with so much pain; life is indeed unfair. What if you knew that by losing everything, you are just about ready to shape your World? READ MORE

10. 3 Emotions that Decide Your Life Long Decisions

Which Emotions affects Your Life Long Decisions

Here is a wonderful post by Bisco that rocked in 2016. One’s decision in life is determined simply by one’s emotion. What if you knew that there are some emotions which have much more effect on your life decisions than others. READ MORE

Now there were many awesome posts and you can take the time to go through my blog. Don’t forget that you can suggest topics for 2017 in the comment section. Also you can review these posts that I have listed and tell me which one was your favorite.

Have an awesome 2016 and Happy New Year

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