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Is There Really Beauty in Disability


Is there really beauty in disability

Viktoria Modesta is known as the Bionic Model, Singer and Songwriter. What is so special about Viktoria is her charisma with her prosthetic leg which she so brilliantly uses as a fashion item.

Although Viktoria is a good dancer and has been known to perform in an uninhibited style especially in her first video, she has also been able to thrive in the fashion world.

But Viktoria faces a serious challenge……………………

Is There Really Beauty in Disability?

There is so much debate of what represents beauty. People’s perception of beauty has mostly been influenced by fashion and the  life style of celebrities. So it is not surprising that there is a bit confusion or discomfort on the issue of disability.

Viktoria’s mission is to change the perception of humanity about disability. She believes that disability can become the Model of the Future and she is in forefront for such change.

Now Viktoria’s courage and determination, reveals an interesting fact that; there are people out there who are struggling with the negativity of being disabled.

Why The Self Pity?

Disability as seen by people

Now before I go on, What really is Disability?

According to Wikipedia “Disability is the consequence of an impairment that may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or some combination of these. A disability may be present from birth, or occur during a person’s lifetime

Now the world can sometimes be ruthless with its specific rules or standards to talents, physique and beauty.

These standards have caused so much negativity for people with disability.

Why is Disability considered to be ugly? Why do people pity those with Disability? What really is the standard for determining beauty?


If you and I are not so sure of what determines beauty then why the self pity? Why do we try to promote a socially imposed standard of beauty.

REQUEST: Please do share your own reasons or opinion in the comments section below.

Beauty in Disability 2 comp
Meet Cassandra Naud, a ballet dancer who was born with a birthmark on her face and this mark has become her Identity despite being bullied, tormented and ridiculed due to the World imposed standard of Beauty

Why You Are Beautiful

I know you are out there and are struggling with these society standards. I know you feel that you are not complete because of your disability. I know you have suffered rejection. been bullied and even been pitied rather than acknowledged. 

You might not believe me and have been made to doubt your uniqueness, ability, amazing gifts and beauty.

Here are three points that will make you consider yourself so beautiful:

1. The Power of Beauty is From Within.

Beauty starts from within and is reflected on the outside.

There is the temptation to seek validation from others but don’t be deceived, no amount of external appreciation, make-up, plastic surgery or facial surgery is going to replace the beauty that comes from within

It is only when you appreciate your make-up, that is when your beauty will reflect to the world.

2. Disability is in the Eye of the Beholder.

Anything is Possible

Plato is notably known for the quote “Beauty is the eyes of the Beholder” and he isn’t wrong as no two people see beauty the same way which is why I can accurately say that Disability in the eye of the beholder as it all depends on what you call disability.

There are people who have proven the world wrong that Disability is indeed beautiful. Though they had to struggle with the imposed world standards and overcome self pity but their lives are an example of how one’s weakness can really be an asset.

So if these great people could show that anything is possible. Why do you think that there are limitations in your life?

3. You don’t have Disability but a Different ability.

My disability has opened my eyes to see my true abilities.” Robert M. Hensel

This follows the second point and it is something to think about. What lies in you are so much treasures. Only you can dig and find out what it is.

Just Remember this….

inspiration for Disabilty

Over to You

So what do you think about disability? Do you think it is clouded with negativity or does it reveal beauty? Please share your opinion in the comment section.

Source and Images: SuccessStories

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