Can You Live A Fulfilling Life Playing Small

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This Is A Bad Idea: Finding Your Identity From People

inferiority complex

While going through my Social News feed, I came upon a strange status. A dear friend of mine had written on her status, “ I am sorry”. This made me curious, so I commented and asked why she was apologizing.

She later called me during the day and revealed to me that she was apologizing to her boyfriend because she did not grant his request. Her boyfriend had requested that she take a nude picture and post them on Facebook; this was a test for her to prove to him that she loved him. She refused and this made her boyfriend unhappy; he refused to speak to her for days.

So she felt guilty and was considering granting his request. I discouraged her from such act, letting her know the danger and how a lot of girls have fallen victims to privacy on Social Media. She was grateful and was unaware of such practice. She agreed with me that she did not deserve such guy.

Now my friend’s situation is not new to everyone. We all are aware of this degrading practice which is trending on Social media. While there are victims who without their knowledge have had their nude pictures online, there are others who have willingly allowed their nude pictures to be shared on Social media. They do this to prove their love.

Love is not manipulative; it’s not selfish and will never cause pain. Love will not make you do something that will damage your self esteem but trying to fit in could make you allow such act. “Everyone is doing it so why shouldn’t I”. Here is a question:

Who Validates You? Who Determines Your Identity?

In a previous post, I wrote about how people are faced with identity problems. People spend most of their time between trying to fit in and stand out. They live everyday based on how people feel about them.


Paul Velezino CCBY2.O via Google+
Paul Velezino CCBY2.O via Google+

Why are you trying so hard to fit in? Why do you need people to validate your uniqueness.

You are special; there is no one that can have your make up or DNA.

You are unique; even though you feel there is nothing special about you, you can’t change the fact that you are unique. This is something you can’t control; all you can do is to take advantage of it. It’s in you even if you make it dormant.

You are made to stand out. This is the best thing about You. when you decide to stand out, you become a blessing to your generation; you become a light to your world.

You don’t need anyone to make you unique. You don’t need anyone to validate your identity.

If you are trying to make people acknowledge you for your talent, skill or works, it’s not worth it. Just be yourself and people would come to appreciate you in time. 

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