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Anger: A Little Madness


The video shown above shows what happens when anger is allowed to stray its path without control.  While discussing this event with a friend, he turned to me and said “Anger is a little Madness”.  He goes on to say that when anger grips a man; he can do crazy things which in the end usually lead to either hurting or killing the other party involved. However, as soon as the event is over, regret of actions follows later.

I quite agree with my friend; how many times have you felt like given yourself a knock on the head because you should have reacted differently in a situation rather than curse, shout or even take the matter to a fist level.  We have all had that regret.

In the event that took place in the video, it doesn’t matter who was right or wrong but how things turned out in the end; the guy who got beaten has undergone three surgeries in the face.

The best way to control anger is to avoid it and if you can’t control anger then remember this that your anger will cause causalities and then you will regret it.



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