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3 Common Thinking Errors in Learning


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Jerry’s daughter needed my help in her maths’s assignment. She was having a hard time solving this maths problem and wanted me to give her a hand.

Looking at the assignment and getting a sheet of paper, I got to work, explaining to her how to easily solve this maths problem. I was expecting excitement from her with a smile and a thank you uncle compliment, as I just assisted her in her assignment. What I got was not what I expected and it was shocking statement?

She said to me “Uncle, the way you solved this maths problem is all wrong. This is not the way our teacher taught us in school”.

I was wrong!!! ; I thought to myself. So I checked on her note and in truth, the way her teacher had solved this kind of problem was quite different from mine.

I tried to convince her that my method was easier but this kid was so wired to her teacher. Eventually I had to explain her assignment all over again with her teacher’s method.

Later that day, I could not help but think about this. Was my solution to the maths problem really that easy or was I trying to impose my method on this kid?.

Thinking about the way we think is really important especially if we what to benefit from the process of learning. When you mix wrong thinking with learning, what you have is mediocre result.

So today, we look at 3 thinking errors in learning that are very common.

Knowing Is Just Awesome When I Am Right

I have a friend who each time you speak to him about any subject, he usually ends with the word ” I know“. I have noticed that his colleagues at his office, are usually frustrated by this statement. He would ask for your assistance and then when you solved it and tried to explain the problem, he would stop you at the middle and say the word (I know) and the next question on your mind is “why didn’t you do it yourself”.

Being right is just great and it makes you look like a genius. The problem is that you think you are right all the time even when you don’t know. This becomes a wrong kind of thinking because you make up your mind so easily that you are right when everything is saying otherwise.

We can gain insight but we first have to empty our cup. Wisdom begins when you don’t know

I Need To Be Convinced I Am Wrong

Lifehack talks about the Confirmation Bias. This kind of bias occurs in people who try and look for information to prove their theories and beliefs rather than question them. He also describes the experiment conducted by Peter Cathcart Wason.

I know people who create a thick prison around their beliefs. They create an environment where they need help to unlearn.

Some don’t want to be wrong; they look for every excuse to be right. It’s like they are being pressured into being right.

You don’t need to be proved wrong, just learn to question beliefs and ask Why?

Old Habits can be Hard to Break

I was to tutor a retired teacher on how to use a PC. She was used to a typewriter but noticed that this invention was being replaced by the PC and she wanted to learn how to use The PC. 

By the time I was through with the training, she was so happy and was surprised how easy it was to use a PC. She told me that all her peers had tried to learn but did not make any progress. So rather than keep trying, they decided to hold on to their typewriter and then they tried to discourage her from learning how to operate a PC but she decided to give it a shot and now she is glad of the decision

Unlearning they say is harder than learning. The reason is that people like to stay in their comfort zone. There is an uneasiness, when what you belief is about to be challenged or you are about to venture into something you don’t know about. 

Don’t let such thinking limit you. 

I would like to hear your own opinion about thinking errors in learning. Please share with us in the comment section. 

In conclusion here is the words of Claude Bernard

“It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning.” 

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