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10 Things People Who Step On Toes Never Do

10 Things People Who Step On Toes Never Do

Having a take charge attitude can be an asset in life. Being able to get whatever you dream and desire in spite of any challenge makes you a goal getter.

But people who Step On Toes:

1. Never Value The Worth Of Others

You think that no one is as good as you even though you recognize that your collogues have great skills They are contributing ideas, making an impact in your business and realizing your vision but all you think about is the fact that you are doing them a favour; making John the Assistant Manager and Jane the group leader; It’s all your work and no one else.

2. Never Work As A Team

There are people who are allergic to teams and groups. They agree with the school of thought that if you want something done, you have got to do it yourself and no one can do it better than them. So they make the lives of their colleagues or team mates  so miserable in exchange for making a name for themselves.

They look for opportunities to destroy the image of their colleagues so that they can prove to everyone they are smarter or better.

3. Never Give Honest and Sincere Appreciation

Your best trick is to give flattery to the maximum. You know the secret, that the way to arouse enthusiasm and bring the best in a person is to lavish with praise. So you flatter people just to get them to go your way without realising your intention.

You make them feel important in public while in private you despise them with your clicks. Their happiness is not your concern as long as they are following your plan.

4. Never Think of Horizontal Structure

Competition seems good and healthy. it’s an opportunity to lift yourself and learn new things but competition can sometimes be self destructive when sly or nastiness is introduced. It’s human nature to climb the ladder but to get to the top, fear tactics has to be used to scare competitors.

It’s no wonder that people embrace vertical structures, there is a concious thought to always stand out even if there are going to be losers.

5. Never Understand Mutual Respect

Why should I respect him? After all, we are not of the same class. I am an expert who has received so many awards. I have been interviewed by major TV stations and just recently, I had an audience with the President of my country. So why should I respect a rookie? Such statements isn’t new but is a reflection of one who is oblivious to the principles of success.

Sure you might not be on the same page today with the rookie  but don’t think it will continue forever. The principle of growth and change will catch up to you.

6. Never Let Others Have Their Way

You feel that you always have to be right to make an impression. It doesn’t matter if the idea is great, if it does not come from you, then it not worthwhile and will never work.

You refuse to collaborate with a team mate and always make team projects so difficult, just because it’s his idea and not yours.

You derive joy from competing intellectually with your colleagues and will not let any one tarnish your ego. If you sense any form of confrontation to your ideas, you fortify yourself with crazy arguments. 

7. Never Believe That People are Kings Rather Than Pawns

You are blessed and are happy for the people around you. You are happy because they are pawns for you to achieve your goals. You think they don’t have a dream; oh! you have never asked. You don’t care if they have issues, dreams or desires; that’s their problem. All you care about is your goals and plans. 

8. Never Balance  Ambition

To what extent is ambition considered healthy. Maybe there is no extent to human ambition; as long as you have a dream, it’s ok.

What is wrong with somebody trying to make a name for themselves anyway? At a time when jobs are being outsourced and lost, maybe it is good that you have come along, shaking up the place and producing obviously good results

it’s normal and healthy to be ambitious even if it means pushing others to the wall.

9. Never Avoid Having Enemies

Why should I? After all, It is impossible to get anything made or accomplished without stepping on some toes; enemies are inevitable when one is a doer.

10. Never Mind Their Business

You worry over what other’s are doing. Your life seems to be revolved around the life of others. What are they doing? Why do they have this and that? You ponder and insecurity fills your soul.

You feel that they are better than you because you compare yourself to them using the measurement of circumstances. You watch their tracks like a stalker and look for every opportunity to make an impression. 

You wipe your ego based on the failure of others. 

Now Your Turn

So what are other ways that people who step on toes don’t do?  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. 

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